Specialty Plasticizers

Hallstar is a market leader in the design and synthesis of Ester chemistries with numerous products and customised solutions for demanding performance in industrial and automotive applications. They offer some of the most popular performance enhancing plasticizers for use in the rubber industry.

TP-Series :

The TP series consists of three products TP-90B, TP-95 and TP-759 which well known since decades for high performance in critical automotive, textile and military applications.

Tegmer Series :

Specialized monomerics that have utility in applications ranging from elastomers to adhesives to paints and coatings.

PlastHall Series :

Ester plasticizers are typically monomerics, but those designated as Plasthall P-Series are polymerics. Hallstar has a broad product portfolio with a wide range of functionality in both elastomers and PVC.

Paraplex Series :

Brand covering Polymeric plasticizers, both the G-Series and A-Series. These long-chain esters are based on many different acid groups such as adipates, sebacates and glutarates, and provide excellent permanence for critical elastomer and PVC applications.


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