Millable Polyurethane Rubbers

TSE Industries of USA is the world's largest manufacturer of millable polyurethane rubbers, sold under the Millathane brand. These rubbers possess a combination of physical and mechanical properties not found in any other rubber, including excellent abrasion resistance, load bearing ability, low temperature flexibility, outstanding oil and ozone resistance and resistance to nitrogen permeability.

Millathane is used in many industrial markets such as business machines, railways, automotive, aerospace, textile, footwear, etc. Typical high-performance applications include roller coverings, belts, o-rings, gaskets, diaphragms, seals, vibration isolators, bumpers, impellers, hose tubes & covers and shoe soles.

TSE produces Millathane millable urethanes in both polyester and polyether grades. Polyester grades feature excellent resistance to oil, heat and compression set and are better in sliding abrasion resistance. Polyether types are more hydrolytically stable and resistant to impingement abrasion.

Most Millathane grades are available in a range of viscosities, and are available as dense bales or premilled sheets.


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