Rubber To Metal Bonding Agents

DuPont’s Rubber-to-Metal bonding agents are sold under the brands of Megum and Thixon. Several global OEM suppliers rely only on Megum and Thixon products for critical high performance rubber parts.

Megum and Thixon grades offer significant advantages in bonding all types of elastomers to a variety of substrates. They can endure highly aggressive and corrosive environments particularly in transportation applications.

MEGUM rubber-to-substrate adhesives are used to bond a variety of elastomer compounds to metal and plastic substrates including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, polyamides, polyacetals, polyesters, and PTFE.

Most formulations are low-viscosity, organic, solvent-based solutions and/or dispersion of polymers and other reactive chemicals. Water-based formulations are also available.

THIXON rubber-to-substrate bonding agents can be custom-formulated for the specific bonding requirements of various substrates and conditions. We also offer a full line of low-VOC and HAP-compliant systems to help reduce emissions.

THIXON performs well in extremely severe environments and is suited for many automotive applications.


  • Vibration control applications
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Linings and protective coverings
  • Metal supported profiles
  • Hoses, mounts, belts, bushings, seals, and instrument panels.


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