EPDM Rubber

Royalene , Royaledge, Triline, Royaltherm

Royalene is one of the most well known EPDM brands in the industry, recognised for its high quality and consistent performance.

It is used in a wide variety of applications that require superior heat, ozone and chemical resistance, excellent long term aging and outstanding weathering. Royalene EPDM applications include automotive, industrial and consumer hoses, weatherstrips, moulded goods, wire and cable insulations, window profiles, roof sheeting, thermoplastic elastomers, and viscosity modifiers for lubricants.

RoyalEdge EPDM products are terpolymers of ethylene, propylene and a non-conjugated diene (ENB or DCPD) that vary in viscosity, ethylene/propylene ratio, and type and amount of diene according to desired processability and end properties.

Trilene Liquid EPDM represents a class of specialty lower molecular weight EPDM polymers that are available in liquid or free-flow powder form. Trilene Liquid EPDM is used in gear oils and greases, caulks, adhesives, roof coatings and many other applications that require a low molecular weight liquid EPDM product having the characteristics of conventional EPDM.

Royaltherm EPDM is a silicone-modified rubber and is ideally suited for high-temperature applications. Compared to normal EPDM, Royaltherm EPDM provides better heat and weather resistance. Compared to silicone, it provides better tensile strength, flex fatigue resistance and other mechanical properties. It exhibits good electrical properties in moist conditions and, unlike silicone, retains physical properties even in hermetically sealed environments


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