Castable Polyurethanes

LANXESS manufactures the Adiprene and Vibrathane range of castable polyurethanes which are the world's leading high-performance, hot-cast urethane prepolymers. Their superior toughness, abrasion resistance, greater load-bearing capacity, cut resistance, heat build-up resistance and versatility make them popular replacements for steel, plastic and rubber materials.

The Adiprene and Vibrathane range :

This range consists of more than 300 grades renowned for their performance in demanding applications such as mining, rollers for steel, paper, textile & printing, oil & gas machinery, industrial tyres & wheels, mould punches for ceramic tiles, golf balls and countless other applications that require outstanding toughness.

Adiprene and Vibrathane MDI and TDI conventional prepolymers come in both ether and ester types.

Adiprene LF Low-Free TDI Systems have free TDI levels within 0.1%, which greatly improves workplace safety and allows production with lower viscosity, longer pour life, faster demolding and lower hysteretic heat buildup.

Adiprene LFM Low-Free MDI systems offer easier processing and handling through longer pot life and quick demold time thus reducing waste and increasing productivity. They have the lowest heat buildup from hysteresis, outstanding fatigue resistance and the best retention of properties at high temperatures.

Besides there many other grades based on TDI, MDI, PPDI formulations are available for specialised applications to meet a range of requirements.

We also offer a full range of complementary products such as curatives, mould release agents, bonding agents, plasticizers, etc. to use along with the Cast Polyurethane Prepolymers.


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