Rubber Chemicals & Polymer Bound Chemical Masterbatches

MLPC International of France is a 100% subsidiary of Arkema. It is one of the leading producers of rubber chemicals and chemical masterbatches in Europe, with a global market reach.

Ekaland : The Ekaland range includes secondary accelerators such as thiourea thiurams , guanidine’s and dithiocarbamates, as well as anti-oxidants and sulphur donors.

Vultac : The Vultac range is used as an accelerator cum tackifier for curing NR, IIR etc. in applications such as tyres, inner tubes, latex threads, medical stoppers, etc.

Mixland : With increasing focus on Environment, Health and Safety, the shift to polymer-bound rubber chemicals is growing rapidly worldwide. MLPCs patented Acrylate-based binder has better compatibility with other elastomers and provides lower mooney viscosity thus improving the quality of dispersion in compounds made with a wide variety of rubbers. Benefits include shorter mixing cycles, better batch to batch uniformity, increased productivity, worker health safety, environmentally friendly.


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